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Will You Join Us In Providing Inexpensive Comfortable Accommodation for

Our Country Community?

We are sure that you must appreciate living in the city where you have easy access to the services of many doctors, pediatricians, dentists, hospitals, various educational facilities and other government services, plus a large variety of shops.
As you may know, people from the Country Community may need to travel hundreds of kilometres to have access to the above mentioned conveniences. Often such trips to Adelaide commence weeks prior, with many phone calls and much patience in an attempt to obtain appointments to coincide on the same day or on consecutive days. To add to this of course, the drought continues to have devastating financial and emotional effects on our rural communities.


Therefore, as concerned members of the South Australian community, we have decided to assist Our Country Community to with access to Rosemary’s Place, an inexpensive, centrally located, self contained accommodation.

We urge you to join us today in supporting this worthy cause by donating.

Working collectively we can help families such as a family from the Eyre Peninsula. Lizz will be able to attend appointments with medical specialists and natural therapists who are assisting her to combat breast cancer, while her daughter can attend sessions with educational specialists helping her with her dyslexia, as well as catching up with her teachers at Marden College.

Together, we can make sure that South Australia continues to be "a better place to live".


Your's in community spirit,

Rosemary's Place Incorporated

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