Rosemary's Place
Adelaide's Country Friendly Accommodation

Some duties that we rely on volunteers to do are

  • taking bookings
  • greeting guests
  • cleaning, washing, and ironing (pillow cases and tea towels only, at it amounts to too much
  • finding good deals and purchasing all furniture and itmes required
  • maintaining the website
  • book keeping
  • gardening and mowing the lawns
  • advertising
  • maintaining the properties
  • communicating with services and business (e.g. plumber, bank, insurance company)
  • fund raising
  • searching for other volunteers
  • sometimes taking guests shopping as they are discharged from hospital without basic food supplies and they are in Adelaide without a car

If you would like to volunteer please contact us.

 Phone :


 Email :

volunteer @

please use the above address without the spaces before and after the @ sign ... we place it on the website with the spaces to avoid spam emails

 Postal Address :

 P.O. Box 888, Unley S.A. 5061